Enriched with essential oils

Bahala Handmade Soaps are packed with natural essential oils.

These essential oils make these soaps unique and contain properties that are beneficial for the skin.

They are also the main reason for the amazing fragrances of the soap

Sweet and delicate fragrances

The essential oils present in Bahala Handmade Soaps give that delicate fragrance to each soap. It is the perfect aromatherapy for your senses.

They will uplift your mood and set the tone for the day.

The sweet scents will promote relaxation and keep you feeling fresh all day!

Soothes and moisturizes the skin

Bahala Handmade Soaps are enriched with glycerine.

Glycerine acts as an emollient and provides complete moisturization of the skin. 

It is gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling softer after use.

It works great on dry and sensitive skin as well!


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